You aren’t safe my Son

Life is so unpredictable ,things we think can never happen to us, or hope should never happen to us. May be our neighbour or even some relative but surely not us. Oh! The sadist us. How conveniently this Society ,our family and our negligence let’s us believe ki beta hai toh kya tension hai, safety ki fikr toh beti wale Karen… ( what’s the need to worry about your child’s safety when you have a son, a girls parents need to think about all this). Farce, blatant lie. My biggest mistake.

It was a function in his school,day started out as usual, got him ready ,made the tiffin, clicked lots of pictures ,of him, with him. Dropped him off to school,came back and uploaded his pictures on social media and started waiting for the comments to start pouring in. The clock struck two and I drove my way to his school. His batchmates left,even his classmates. His friends too greeted me and went there ways. The school stood there and there was I . But my baby. All kind off thoughts started coming to my mind,but I took control,took a deep breath, started walking towards the reception.

Kidnapped? Abducted ? Is it because I post his pictures so often. Was someone stalking my son. The horses ran wild , silent prayers started pouring. Of course nothing can happen to my son. But , did I notice my hyper active,super happy boy, has become so quite of late. And when ever I asked him something he’d say,’ mumma ganda lag raha hai'(mom I feel dirty) He’s always been fond of water,and I was too sure these are another of his excuses to bathe.

Reached the reception, my thoughts got a reign,’ ma’am, Aagaz tandon, 2nd B, I can’t find him’. Were these tears rolling down my cheeks. Tears of a helpless mother.

My steps quickened and my body stiffened as I followed her, class 2nd B.

Aagaz Aagaz !!

‘Mumma’ a feeble voice came from under a table,I paralyzed with joy,relief. My son.’Mumma,ghar nahi Jana’ ( mom I don’t wana go home). I held him so tight,promised myself to never let him go. Amidst all this heard his sobs, ‘ mumma ghar nahi Jana, Mickey Uncle bahut ganda ganda karte hain’ ( mom I don’t wana go home,Mickey Uncle does dirty things to me)

Something died in me. My world came crashing down that moment. I felt like shouting, crying my lungs out,but all I did was held him.

Sorry. Sorry I couldn’t protect you. Sorry I didn’t listen to your silent cries. Sorry my child, that you are scarred forever.

P.S- this article is a piece of fiction. Sadly we as a society always think our boys are self sufficient. We teach them its weak to cry,to say ur hurt,its unmanly to speak up your mind. Even in 2016 we don’t have a single law to protect our sons against sexual harassment and molestation. Don’t we have any responsibility towards them.

Here is a list of things you need to teach your Child(ren) at early age:

1: Warn your kids never to sit in other peoples lap. No matter what the situation is. It should be done strictly with your consent.

2: when they are out to play or left alone with any kind of help, come back to check or ask someone to keep a vigil eye for you. Better safe than sorry.

3. If your child seems withdrawn from something or someone take them in your confidence. Question them subtly

4. Always avoid bathing or changing in front of your little ones. Specially one they turn two. They understand what’s happening.

5. Be very observant if your child becomes too fond of a particular adult.

6. Don’t make sex a taboo. Teach your grown up kids about sex education.

7. Keep a check on internet and television usage. Even the cartoons they watch and books they read for obscenity.

8: request parents of kids to have parental control on television and internet settings who your kids visit often..

9. Teach your child to stand out in the crowd. They are different and strong.

10: don’t allow anything that can disturb your child (this includes music, movies and even friends and families).

11. Trust your child when they complain about someone. And take an action.

12. Be an example. Never talk or display sexual behaviour with your partner in front of them specially younger kids who don’t understand this and can be misused due to their curiosity.

Take up the case and show them you can defend them.

Remember, we are either parents or parents-to-be.


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