A letter to Dear husband

​Dear Husband

Today the day didn’t begin as usual,my syntax could feel the pressure of not being disturbed by your immaculately timed breaths.

The baby got up all calm and quiet wondering why is mama lying on Papa’s side of the bed.

The missing tooth brush on the stand made me miss you,the wet towel hanging loose was a little sad wondering about her not so wet mate.

Today no one took my name from the bathroom asking for what’s there for breakfast , neither did anyone shout out to me to know the where about of the keys to our cupboards tightly held together by a ring so insignificant till this very dawn.

Dear husband , no one at the table complaint about the sugar in his coffee or cheese in his bread.

Even channel 555 was at a loss of identity because no one wanted to know about it.

The laptop bag is at a look out for its rightful hands and so are the car keys.

It would have been a normal day if you were around,but the day just whispered the magnanimous secret that days are normal when you are around,you are the light in the day,the hands of the clock,the water in the glass, your presence is stronger in your absence.

Come soon to make the days inhale the air of normalcy.


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