From floss to finance

Things a woman of today needs,because a well planned today makes a happy tomorrow .


Good Habits Essential for Long Term Happiness

Happiness, a simple word which is the essence of the entire human race. Whatever we do today, we do to make us happy in return. That’s not being selfish, that is in fact the absolutely correct way to enjoy this gift we have called life. In a life span of 30 years I  have lived a million moments wherein I adorned the baggage of emotions. Irony was they weren’t mine, they manifested out of insecurities and mistakes of people around me. I learnt my lesson that a life spent to make others happy and be in sync with others choices is definitely a life wasted.

So the trick it to chuck off the cloak of all that will keep you barred from a happy fruitful future because the actions you do today will affect your life. Karma, that’s a truth not just a fancy word.

Here is my list to ensure that whatever  happens few years from now, my past actions would have ensured to put balm on my future battered heart.

Exercise: work that butt off for the more you move that body now ,the better it will treat you when you are touching those 50’s. The stratagem is simple pick up any of the below, make it a routine and voilà! You will be paying back your body all that it had done for you:

Gym: grab a membership and hit the gym, looking others workout is a great motivation ,trust me.

Beat the morning blues : walking, running, jogging chose what suits your body the best and go ahead with it.30 minutes of pure bliss and fresh oxygen is something your lungs would thank you for in the long run.

Yoga: it’s the way to go, yoga is an age-old practice from Pranayam’s to more complex asana’s with a Guru and time at hand anyone can do it.


 Eat Right: Believe me, the time at which you have your meals adds on to perfect nutrition. Also the quality as well as the quantity of food lying in your plate are all going to determine the kind of health you are likely to enjoy in the wee hours of your life.

Eat them raw: I can vouch for the fact that people who consume a lot of fruits and vegetables in their diet are the ones whose gut is the happiest. And a healthy tummy means a happy you .

H2O : your body needs water and that is not a myth. The more water you drink the more toxins will stay flushed from your system. At Least 6-8 glasses a day to keep diseases at bay.

Shrink your plate: I have tried it and it is a miracle.  As the size of the plate you take your servings shrinks so does your appetite and eventually your waist. Now that’s an easy one for sure.


Manage your finances : I learnt  this from my personal experience. My husband taught me really early in our marriage that if your money is sorted then that’s directly proportional to a sorted life. My hacks are yours now.

Save: Save ! Save ! Save!  In your hay days for the rainy days. Connect your salary account directly to your savings account. That means even if you are earning 500/- they get saved. And you can bear its fruits when the time comes.

Have an ally: It’s important to share all your financial details with your partner, sadly the truth of this cosmic world is that we are not joined at the hip, and many a times when one is not around the other one is at a loss of financial account. And yes money can’t buy happiness but it surely can take care of a  lot.


 Spend time with your children: the only plausible way we get to experience unadulterated innocence is by being with a child. And nothing better than spending some quality time with your child. My son is my source of happiness and I realised that by being with him I was not just tending to his needs but also teaching him amazing stuff unconsciously. And in return he took care to bust my stress and discover the kid in me. Time invested in your progeny never gets wasted. And remember presents don’t suffice to presence. Make your presence counted.

Brush and floss : Repeat after me , I will brush twice a day. Now after all the pearls of wisdom this might sound measly.  But truth of the hour is  that brushing and flossing now is easier than dentists visits later, not to forget those awful grandparents are a living proof of this fact. So pick up this habit to smile in all your happy times in future.


Travel : and last but positively not the least, travel, explore. Pack your bags and leave. Be it with family, husband ,kids, friends or even alone. Just go. Travelling has proved to be  a therapy for me. When I fail to get answers to questions, I travel. And so should you. Life is too short and places to see a lot. Start planning your itinerary this very moment.

love your life and it will love you forever


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