Be a Man my Son

Dear son

Its been Two years since we had to choose between normal or c-sec,two years since we picked the the name the world will call you from,two long, or rather not so long years of seeing you smile,turn around,sit up straight,eat,stand,fall,stand again, fall a couple of more times ,till you actually discovered that walking can be fun, for you of course,because for your mother it was the time of touching the zenith of stamina building.
Two years of being a mother,of learning what is right and what’s not so right for us.
Two years my love of ignoring your daddy who still stood strong as a pillar by us,no matter what.
Two years of experiencing love in its purest and most unadulterated form.. You Turned TWO. We turned two. 
Your dad and my love has strengthened twice as more. Now when I have time at hand and we are definitely through the exhausting part I wonder what should be the most important lesson of your life. It surely will be to be a man my son. Manliness is not about physical strength . Its about the strength of your mind your soul. Being a man surely just doesn’t mean how to be a husband or father . Anyone can be those. But you need to learn to be a soulmate and a daddy. That’s where our upbringing would reflect.
Son no matter how much we wish to bring the sky to your feet,   all we wish for is for you to Stay humble,Stay happy, Stay blessed, be a man my son,a woman can Trust,after all thats what i am grateful to your grandmother for, be a man my son that a friend can ask to drop her back home at 2 in the night without being afraid. Be a man your nephew and nieces alike adore. Be a man your grandmother can talk to at wee hours and not worry that you might be getting bored. Be a man who stands up for his friends . Be a man who loves his girl friend but knows his limits. My son I want you to be a man who never forgets that family matters. A man who respects those who are above him on financial ladder because of there efforts,but never disrespects those who are below him. Be man who your kids can look up to and wish to be like , just the way to look at your dad. And most importantly be a man enough to stand by your wife because this indeed is the most important relation in your life. Because she will leave her abode to make yours, her parents to be with yours, her name which was her identity all this while. She will be your biggest strength, she will see you rise and comfort you in your falls,not because its her duty ,not because someone has asked her to,simply because she loves you,and I want you to love her back like a man my son. Because after we leave you are all that’s gonna be left of us in this world.


Your maa.


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