My Piece/Peace

Piece by piece, I found that peace whose meaning varied in there dictionary.

Piece by piece I weaved that peace, thought it was my victory.

For some it was a conquest, for some a routine thing,

For me it became my heart and soul , thought that’s all I have to give.

They warned me that a piece of me is what I’ll loose in the drill,

Yet I was prepared, for it all, thought wise actions never kill.
A role I play needs all the skills a juggler would fail at for sure,

A mother, a teacher, a maker of home,yet a wanderer at soul.

What I need, what makes me rest,

Rest don’t even think of course,

What conflicts I have,

They inflict it all,

And can’t even see I know.
So I resolute to the rover in me,

That harmony for self is what I’ll achieve.

That only a content mind can nurture another soul,

Only peace within can kindle the love so pure.

So for the woman in me I promise to thee,

That I will find that peace and me.


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