A not so forced consent

Rachna was Beyond marriageable age at 26. Her parents worried. Which they justified by the fact that now they were getting old and she needs to settle down. Nonetheless to say ,she managed the finances and the household with finesse. Both business and cooking were her cup of tea. Yet she was considered unsettled. She was no stranger to me. She was my next door neighbour.  I had seen her leave for school early morning. I had also seen her leave for her hostel. First graduation in Economics followed by post graduation.

She used to call me by my name despite our age difference, which I loved the most about her.

Finally a suitable proposal came through their family friend. Everyone was enthralled. Except Rachna. Her family considered themselves pretty progressive. After all their daughter had spent 5 years away from them. She drove her own car. Went out with friends as often as she wanted. They even wanted to give her the liberty to marry the man she wanted or at least felt attracted towards. But not now. She was growing to be a misfit for the society. 26, soon to be 27. Guests started pouring in. I could see a new familiar face through my kitchen window entering her house each day.  They would say, we won’t force you, but beta you won’t find a better guy. They would come again and say, I once said no to your uncle. Thankgod my mother convinced me, or I would have regretted my decision. I don’t want you to regret yours. An agitated guest would say, but what’s the problem. In our times we weren’t even asked. She thought that night. There was no problem actually. The only being he was too tall and a bit on the healthier side. Rachna herself being just 5 feet tall. 

His credentials fitted the bill for her parents and by now even she knew that she would give in. And also her guilt won’t let her live. How could she be so petty in her thoughts.

But this man wasn’t ‘ physically’ appealing to her.

Her mother insisted, that She’ll start liking the way he looks when her eyes get accustomed to him. So for now she should be thankful that they being her parents are not pushing her. Weren’t they? She thought. They wanted her consent. And they also wanted her to feel that it was “her” consent after all.


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