His Half Girlfriend

Kavita knew it isn’t right. Even if Kavir was the right man for her, it would never work. In her 12 years of marriage and 14 years as a lecturer in that college, she knew the difference between a fling or a serious relationship. And her relationship no matter how serious would always be called extra marital. Maybe even worst. But it was inevitable. She saw him each day. And he couldn’t keep his eyes off her. She avoided him. But he would stock her each day. Kavita felt weak. She wanted to give in. She wanted to hold him and tell him that Yes, she loves him too. That yes, she knows it’s wrong but she has never felt so right in her life as she does with him.

The college was supposed to take its students for a trekking trip. He filled the form. She gave her approval too, hoping to never cross ways with him there alone.She wasn’t sure what her heart wanted. She wasn’t sure if She was going for the trek to get a break from her life or to find a chance to get close to him.

As fate would have it she injured herself on the trek and had to stay behind ,while the rest of the team moved on. He volunteered to stay with her. They could feel the unrest. She wanted to apologise for all that had happened till now. He wanted to thank her for the memories she had gifted him for a lifetime. “What is a platonic relationship?”He asked. “Would you love me less if I stayed away from you? Will my thoughts not devour your soul each night? And if your heart and soul belongs to me, how does it make a difference if your body doesn’t.”

College went on. Lives went on. They met often, no words spoken. They didn’t need the formality of language between them. They Only wanted to satiate their souls,their hearts and many a times their bodies. The longing, the thirst, the want didn’t diminish. Nobody knew. At least they thought so. In his mind he had named her his half girlfriend. He could have just a half of her. Though the irony was that her half completed him. He didn’t demand anything else. He didn’t expect any more. He was happy with whatever was written in his destiny.

The last day he saw her,she was crying. She had a bruised eye. Her husband found out about them. His manliness was subjected. He was scarred so he would not leave her unscarred. She was his. And he wanted Kavir to know this. ” Does he know it’s me?” “No” she answered.

Kavir left that day. Forever. He couldn’t bear to see her die each day. He knew she won’t do the forbidden. She won’t be his ever. His half girlfriend couldn’t be his life partner. After all he was just 21. And her student too.

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