Mama, you still have it in you

Post partum depression is not something many Indian families understand yet. Fatigued mind, exhausted body and the immense pressure to start leaking milk in the first instance.

Story is same irrespective of the kind of delivery. Not just are the circumstances hard on us, even harder is the attitude our society has. The attitude that its just a baby, what are these mood swings and wailing sessions for. The attitude that everyone has had a baby, what do you want appreciation for?

And the way we look definitely doesn’t help us either. Atleast I was not the blessed one. I gained 28kg. And bring a hypothyroid patient still struggle with weight even after 3 years of my delivery.

I learnt to respect myself the hard way , I don’t want my fellow mother’s to feel the same. So get up, look at yourself in the mirror and abide by these tips

1. Get Ready: Every single day, take out nice clothes. Take time to select them. You are not bound to stay in those sweatpants. Feel free to wear what makes you feel good about yourself. And if someone questions, where are you heading to, say to yourself LIFE.

2. A Big No to fitted clothes: How may times have we been told, don’t get comfortable in that body, shed your weight fast. I would ask WHY? Its my body, I nurtured a baby. If it takes longer than anybody’s standards to shed those kilos then its my problem. I hid my pre pregnancy clothes and focused on my priority, my son. I had to choose between getting him raised by a maid and being a yummy mummy. Or raising him by my own and not get depressed about that size of mine. I chose latter. I relaxed. So should you. Trust me its OK.

3. Kajal : It became my new friend. Not anything elaborate just a kajal, which reminder me each day, I am not ill. Its just my body which is adjusting to its new role. And of course when I went out, I tried to do something more than just a kajal in that little time I got. And all this just for me. Because when I felt good everything seemed in place.

4. Personal hygiene : No reason at all to ignore monthly waxing and threading sessions. I was guilty of doing so, it did no good to me. Rather I started indulging in self pity. Get up you deserve this.

5. Wash that face: My skin suffered post delivery. Could be my hormones or me neglecting this simple rule, that you get what you give. Please wash it before hitting the bed, even though its going to be a sleepless night, yet wash and moisturize. You will bless yourself years later for this regime.

6. Talk: This is the most important point in my list. You can ignore any of the above. But stick to this. Talk. If not your mother or sister for any reason, find a friend, or a co-mom. Talk to ME. But please talk it out. This silence will cause ripples even after years. And if you think you won’t make sense to people, then its there loss. A mother is most vulnerable at this stage. She doesn’t want advice ,she just needs a patient ear. Go find one.

I hope I made sense to my beautiful friends.

My love to all the lovely Gorgeous ladies, who are mother’s. You are the best for your child. Know this in your heart.



  1. Hey Neha .. I love ur posts they r so refreshing & good read while I nurse my almost 6months old boy ..
    that’s the only time I hv to do read or reply to texts .. u r doing a great job , very encouraging for all us new , old , would be mommies..
    thanks a lot
    Lots of love ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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