5 Unusual personalised gifts for a baby

(Originally Published At BabyOnBoard)

The birth of a baby marks the beginning of the most tiring yet beautiful chapter of a person’s life. You become way more than husband or wife or mere companions. You become Parent’s. That is one entity. This phase in my life transitioned into a little scare story, where there were times I felt distant from my life partner. Where there were days am I a nice parent for my son. And yet the Sun shined on other days when I couldn’t be more sure of my parenting skills.

In these 3 years I realised that many people would shower love and gifts to my child, but my duty is greater than this. I wanted to collect memories for my little one. And that is what most parents should focus on.

This is my curated list of how I am doing my bit to build a memorable childhood for my baby.

  1. Personalised photo shoot: I chose to get my son’s photoshoot done when he was 1 year 2 months old. With those shiny new teeth, confidence to stand on his feet and curiosity to explore the world. He did justice to all that we had planned for him, giving us in return a house full of beautiful pictures which are our treasure trove. Chose one of these as a gift and see the sunshiny smile in baby’s and his parents face. We chose Shipra and Amit photography based in Delhi. But with its growing demand, photographers in every city offer a lot of packages that suit your taste, this is where I got it done from.

  2. Baby book: A perfect gift for parents to give to there little one. This is personalized as moms and dad fill it in their own hand as a memoir of the firsts of their babies. Online sites like Amazon and Flipkart have so many options available that you don’t even have to think about leaving the comfort of your home to get one of these.

  3. Customised beddings : This one assures that the world knows about the little nook that just belongs to your cherub. With a plethora of options around, customising cushions,pillows,bumper sets,towel sets only gives a lifetime of cuteness to the baby. The Pipal has been doing an amazing job with these, checkout their collection here.

  4. Hand and feet mould: These days getting your baby hand imprints of getting a cast made is a rampant trend. But now you can do it without causing a dent in the pocket, with DIY kits available, this gift is personalized and thoughtful. And will reflect your hard work for your baby.

  5. Customised storybooks: What is better than having a story book, of course, a book where your baby is the hero. Inculcating reading habits in your child at an early age proves to improve their mental and cognitive intelligence in later years. So gift a baby the book of his dreams. Check this out for further, iandmystoryook.com is not just made in India, they have a list of options for everyday to choose from.

Gifts that you give to a baby shouldn’t just be about spending money, it should be about how thoughtful you have been in making sure that when this little bundle of joy grows up it still cherishes your gift. Lots of  Love to all the baby’s out there. Stay happy, stay blessed. And if these ideas worked wonders for you too, don’t forget to leave a comment below.


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