Maternity fashion to dress that bump

(Originally Published At BabyOnBoard)

Congratulations! You are experiencing a life altering phase of your life – Pregnancy. And nothing but the best is what you deserve. And not all the best comes at an exorbitant price. Clothes being one of them!

Maternity wear doesn’t mean that you are forced to live in your pajamas and a sack-looking T-shirt in the name of comfort. Like every mortal woman walking on this planet, pregnant women also have an equal right to feel gorgeous and sexy. If you have ever looked at those celebrity moms and sighed for a stylist, it’s time to take things in your hands. For weight should be the last thing to stop any mom-to-be to look drop dead gorgeous.

And with online shopping, you don’t even need to slog and carry those bags. Click and voilà…it’s done! I being a fellow mom, have some simple yet fantastic ideas for mums on what to wear with that bump.

Maxi Dresses

These beauties are long, airy, sexy and will cover all that needs to be covered and highlight your bump and that glow. Not only are they comfortable, these pieces are a must for your late evenings and formal dinners. That flowy fabric will make it look chic and in place.

This dress from Momzjoy would make a perfect baby shower dress.


Midi Dresses

Just like maxi dresses, they are super airy and comfortable. They would feel like a second skin accentuating your bump – just the right type of clothing for a lunch with friends. Accessories like statement necklaces and big bangles would just do the trick.

This black dress is one of my favourites.


Kurtas / Kurtis

We in India, need to thank the inventor of this piece of cloth. Kurtis when teamed with a pair of pajamis or palazzos can make you party-ready in a jiffy. And withmojaris to go with it, you are ready to rock and roll. Also, in the country of festivals, celebration in traditional wear has its own charm.

This green kurta from first cry was an essential part of my wardrobe.


Nursing tops

Think of these as a future investment. Not only are they super stylish NOW, they also have a secret – they are perfect for nursing moms, post delivery. You just detach, feed, fix it again and yes! no extra shrouds for hiding your little one snugged in your arms. And these tops don’t have to be boring. They can be as stylish as you want. Just like this one.


Shirts and Pants

You read that right. Boyfriend shirts and maternity pants would make anyone envious of your style quotient. Trendy, comfortable yet a vogue; they will make you stand tall as you carry that bump.

Check these super stylish pants that gives you all that comfort.



Jackets, shrugs, stoles and much more. The internet is your oyster. And by layering, I don’t suggest to hide your curves, rather my intention is to dress you up for all the occasions. They are a perfect work wear. And if in a hurry for that evening fun, put them on or take them off. Your look will change without much effort.

For a plethora of options, check this out.


And always remember – clothes are our second skin. Dress better to feel better. And enjoy this phase as it won’t ever come back. Whether you are working or stay- at-home mom like me, no one should be allowed to take away the charm of this period from you.

Happy dressing!


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