Much deserved Indulgences for a Stressed mom

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Let’s face it! Its given that the vast majority of parenting falls on Moms. Apart from just child care, other household chores pile up with the onset of motherhood – be it endless loads of laundry, meal prep or emotional labor that child rearing brings along with it. It becomes vital to take that much needed break for keeping your sanity. So while fathers brave the baby chores, indulge yourself for ultimate relaxation.

“Indulgence” as a word is often taken in a negative connotation. And if the pretext we are relating to, is the indulgence a woman wants to splurge her time and money in, that too after taking up the role of a mother sounds questionable to ears. The society jumps up to the conclusion of such a female as a spendthrift and the one shirking her duties off.

No matter how harsh it may sound, it indeed is the truth of the hour. But nonetheless, we women too deserve a break and just think about ourselves for a while. Monotonous routine kills us and our spirit too. So to balm that ailing body and soul, here is my list of 5 indulgences for a stressed mother.

Coffee Break: Technically a coffee takes lesser time to consume than a complete meal. Think about it as a cup of coffee and a sandwich. But this is a ‘Me’ time. Ask your spouse or a friend or a family member to babysit your child for an hour. And go out, sit and chat over a nicely brewed cup. Its pathos to the soul. And make it a ground rule, not to talk about kids. This might sound meager, but a weekly ritual will do you a lot of good in the long run.


Spa: Just like a battered soul even our body needs some pampering. What better than a spa appointment? And if you have a crunch of time just hit to a nail spa for a relaxing manicure and pedicure. That one hour of pure bliss is your right. Claim it before everyone else gets used to your being around 24/7.


TV Time: Honestly all the TV I have watched in 3 years is Peppa Pig, Spiderman, rhymes and the list is endless. And I for one forgot the power of doing nothing. So as I mentioned, ask someone really reliable to take care of your child. You can swap turns with friends. After all only a woman can understand a woman. And in that time, order a pizza, and a tub of your favorite ice cream. Put your feet up, and lounge. Watch reruns of Friends, or a romcom or anything that reminds you of life before you got hitched. You will bless me for this tip later.


Shopping: For once SHOP. And this list shouldn’t include husbands, kids or grocery. Indulge in yourself. Your saving in that hidden wallet is YOURS. And you are not answerable to anyone for it. Shut that guilt in a closet and buy that footwear or a bag you have been eyeing on for 6 months. Its calling out to you.

If you want to go organic and splurge in some goodness, learn about some of these products here.


Holiday: Now this one is for seasoned moms, specially the ones whose kids are no longer physically dependent on them. Plan a girls trip out. No husbands ,no kids. Just you and your gang. This needn’t be week’s long. Just a night out would be fine to begin with. Do whatever your heart says – Eat. Drink. Be Merry! These moments will be your memories. Don’t worry about laundry and unwashed utensils. They can wait. Life can’t.


I still have to practice what I preach. But who knows I might get inspired by you all beautiful women. Do try these, and let the world know.

Leave a comment below, and inspire many like me. After all only a woman can understand a woman.

Happy Parenting!



  1. Oh I would totally take the spa option! I recently had an at home pamper party while my children’s father took the kids. It was just the ultimate relaxation day! Great tips!


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