5 tips for a gorgeous skin post delivery

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The hormones play a havoc in every new moms system post delivery. And this inevitably shows on the skin. We seem to age faster and the sad part is going to the parlor and finding time for expensive treatment is not everyone’s cup of tea. Then where is the respite. For those tiring and full of self doubt days I have 5  tips for a Gorgeous skin post delivery :

  1. Water: Drink it up. As much as you can. For once forget about the 3-4 litre theory. Just listen to your body and stay hydrated. Ideally have a glass of water every hour you are awake. It not only flushes out all the toxins, it also helps aid moms who are nursing. And it makes your skin and hair glow.


  1. Fruits and vegetables: You need to eat then raw for roughage and those added minerals and vitamins more than ever. They are nature’s supplements for you and your baby. They make you feel full. Keeps constipation at bay. They are healthy and are best when consumed raw. And a clear gut definitely shows on the skin.


  1. Honey: This is quintessential for every woman. Add a spoonful of honey to your regular home made face pack. Be it rose water and multani mitti. Or gram flour and turmeric. Honey tightens the skin, rejuvenates it and gives that fresh flawless look. Also add a spoonful to your warm lemonade and consume it every morning and find your baby weight miraculously shedding, making you look young and your skin in its best condition.


  1. Workout: The more you sweat, the better the pores of your skin respond to any kind of outside dirt. All you need to do is wear your shoes in the morning and don’t take them off till evening. With shoes on, you won’t rest. Hence constant workout. Making you sweat those toxins out and your skin will be radiant.


  1. Milk and cream: No doubt our grandmother’s skins were to die for. At least mine never applied soap to her face in her lifetime. As a result, her skin was always supple with a natural pink tint. So keep those soaps and face washes out. And try to wash your face with milk and cream each day. With every passing day you’ll feel the difference. And women with oily skin, just add a little milk to gram flour and use that instead. You are sure to feel the change.

How you look is an important part of how you feel. And taking care of yourself is the best self-help tip for any new mother. You deserve it. We all deserve it.

So feel gorgeous. So these are 5 Tips for a Gorgeous skin post delivery

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