Self help is the best help; tips to stay sane

When I tried to find synonyms of the word HELP, it turned out to be assistance, to lend a hand, and so on. Then I made a list of people who need my help or might need it in future. While I was about to wind up this task, I occurred to me that maybe a person who is in most desperate need of my help in ‘ME’. Strange but true. Self help. Why am I waiting for someone, my husband or kids or extended family to give me the help I need. And let’s be honest, it’s a mammoth task. And it is better to take it one day at a time.

Me first: This is not a crime. We can be a priority in our list. We as women have tremendous potential to find excuses to neglect ourselves. We rate self respect so low on our parameters that others start walking over us even without realising it. We can bathe first and not wait till 2pm. Specially in summer breaks. We can eat first when hungry. It won’t be the end of the world, if you eat before others. It’s OK. Just take a deep breath.

Relaxation time: Everyone needs to rest. And as a mother. Doing your duties 24/7 you might feel the need to put your feet up and take a pause from life. Just do it. If the family is not there physically, ask a friend. Baby sit in turns. Let us rest and catch up with life one mother at a time.

Workout: Now only you can find time for this. And my pretext of adding this is definitely not to attain a zero figure. Rather, stay healthy. Stay fit. A curvaceous body is way more attractive and real than those plastic ones. We as women need to stay active for later years. Because who knows, if someone will take care of us when we grow old. So better to take care of ourselves Now. All you need is determination.

Don’t be a dustbin: Your potential as a great mother and a good wife doesn’t come from eating what your child and husband left in there plates. We do use extra ghee and butter in their food, and wasting is a crime, but ask the man of the house to finish his plate and give small portions to your baby. It’s OK once a while. But please don’t give an impression of being a dump yard, and happily accepting your plight.

Medical help: Every mom is guilty of this. We put our health, our mind our emotions everything on a back burner.

Headache- pop a pill

Back ache- another pill

Bleeding more or less in periods- its OK

Rashes- apply cold cream

Joint pain- yet another pill

And my dear friend if you are nodding your head in a Yes. You are in trouble. This is you and your body. Regular checkups with doctors post delivery is mandatory and no symptom should ever be ignored. Invest in yourself.

My intention is not to preach. Being a hypothyroid patient since 4 years now, I know what all we bear. And just because thyroid doesn’t have any physical symptoms, it’s never consisted as a problem.

For me I get mentally drained so easily with everything around. And my inability to articulate at the right time to the right people, ends up frustrating me more. So that anger is placed at the wrong time and zone.

‘I am important. Most important.’

Let’s realise this.

And if you do,let me know.

Leave a comment and follow me. I hope together we can learn to love ourselves first.



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