Types of moms,who baffle my mind

The question is, What am I doing? The problems with motherhood is that your brains computer is constantly comparing you as a person in flesh and blood to those other moms. And the comparison may sound completely absurd to others, in your own ears it makes all the sense in the world. In my three years of being a mom, here is my list of moms I meet on the go.

Gym moms: They personally baffle me. These moms attain pre pregnancy figures within 6 months. And there glow is to die for. They hit the gym as soon as the baby pops out and monitor what they eat as soon as the effect of anesthesia wears off. ME on the other hand smelled and looked like a pressure cooker post 6 months my delivery. And as soon as my baby was delivered I was contemplating about the amount of panjiri ( nuts and flour cooked in lots of butter and sugar) to be consumed each day. And even after 3 years I am ready with the bunch of excuses as to why I can’t manage to fall in love with the treadmill.

Party moms: Their amount of money spent on hair treatment and cosmetic is directly proportional to my expenditure on diapers and formula milk. These moms are in their heels the moment they jump out of bed and pepped up with latest trends. These moms can make any mortal like me feel like a maid. With slippers and pajamas on for most of the day, I am definitely envious of how these mums are so much in vogue. Where till now I can’t figure out the difference between a concealer and a foundation.

Prodigies mom: These moms spend so much money on their child that despite being sensible most of the time, I still wonder will my son be a successful person if he doesn’t start learning swimming, skating, piano, dance, art, dramatics, pottery and Lego at age 3. Will be quite eager for other moms point of view on this one.

Contact knower’s: Whereas I am struggling to decide which school my child will make up to next year, these moms are so in sync with everyone and everything that they have it all sorted. They have so many strings to pull that they already get a seat reserved for their child in their favourite school, even before the prospectus is out. And having done that they have even decided what college should their baby go to, and here I am, can’t decode what should be the next best toy for my son.

Social media moms: Now they tag all there pictures on social media with tags like #livinglife #funneverends #partypeople #yummymummy. Now the only question I have for you my lucky counterparts is, who is babysitting for you every night. Because if I can have even one meal in peace, that’s the greatest achievement for me in the entire day.

Surrounded by such perfect women, I often question my existence. I wonder as to what am I doing with my life and time. Because if you tell me to have fun, trust me I’ll sleep. If you know any special category of mom who makes you wonder too, do share it with us. And don’t forget to follow me for more such observations. Happy reading.


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