The girl with a scarf

Meera met Imaara on a group tour.Ironically both of them were on their respective Honeymoon’s. And surprisingly it was their first trip out of India. Meera was a Punjabi, and Imaara hailed from Hyderabad. Infact after a few conversations with her husband Meera came to know that Imaara married her husband Dr.Aslam through a matrimonial site and her maiden home was in Fatehabad in Haryana.

Dr. Aslam was the outspoken one. While Imaara always monitored her words. It was the doctor himself who told Meera and Gaurav as to how he fell in love with Imaara at the first site and this honeymoon was a surprise for her because she belonged to a very ordinary family. And theirs was a partial love marriage and how he didn’t believe in marrying a complete stranger. Though no one asked for the information but Imaara always insisted on repeating it as to how lucky she was to have Dr.Aslam in her life. Strangely she preferred to stay in the room. Even though the country was extremely beautiful and it was her first time to a distant land, yet she and Doctor skipped most of the day tours. It was the third night while the boys went to get a drink that Meera asked Imaara, ‘So a long distance relationship? Must be fun. That too such a fabulous surgeon.’ ‘no no, you are mistaken, it’s not a love marriage, he is my second cousin and insisted on marrying me.’ added Imaara. ‘ And yes he is a very sought after doctor, but not a surgeon, he is a veterinary doctor.’ ‘Oh!’, that is all that could manage to escape from Meera’s mouth. But why did he lie. Why this facade? Not they they will ever meet again, or she would judge them.

Gaurav noticed something about this honeymooning couple, that they never took pictures together. It was always Imaara clicking her husband. Though he offered to take a picture of them together, they declined. The couple became more mysterious as the days passed.

It was on the last day on the way to airport that Imaara’s shoulder bag was so heavy that her scarf fell off in the confusion. And that is when Meera noticed some angry red marks. Gaurav calmed her by saying might be because of the strap of the bag. The flight took off, they had to land in Delhi, while Doctor and his wife had a connecting flight.

Meera never took Imaara’s number. But even after 8 years the strange girl haunted her. Whenever Meera set foot on an airport it reminded her of Imaara, the Girl with a scarf.


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