A letter to the teen ‘ME’

Dear Me,

Hi, I know I will sound too preachy right now, but trust me I’m being my honest best. I know Things have been difficult, and you have no one to confide because you think everyone is too judgemental right now. Trust me they are not, specially your mom and dad. They might react at first but then which parents don’t. Even you will, once you have your kids.( cliché but true)

Please tell them if someone or something is being a pain in the ass, your friends know just as much as you do. There are more chances that their advice will land you into trouble than out of it. Dear me,It’s OK if you got your periods earlier than most of your classmates. You are not a criminal, every body is different and that stain on your skirt is also OK. Relax, don’t cry, don’t be embarrassed. They will last a lifetime. You will learn a thing or two about them eventually.

And do you have a crush or a couple of them, it is fine. You are normal. Attraction, infatuation are all a part of growing up. If you think that you are the only one, NO you are not. This happens to the world. It doesn’t make you a bad person. Just don’t do something stupid. Mistakes right now as frivolous as they may seem can affect your future.

And if by chance this crush turns into something serious in coming years and end up, you are not to be blamed. Trust me you are perfect. Now and forever. No One can be you. You are your best version, Don’t pay attention to those free advice. Those facial hair, extra pounds, your fashion sense makes you, YOU. Your weight, and everything that might trouble you today won’t even matter tomorrow, don’t let those skinny classmates belittle you. Show your body the respect it needs. It is your best friend, love it.

Another thing, I know marks seem important and yes they are to some extent, but if you score a 70 instead of 90, its OK. Life doesn’t end. Don’t sulk, don’t punish yourself. You will have much bigger problems than this. And if you succumb now, then who will take care of them later. Lastly, you don’t want someone to take care of you, yes you need support, you need family, and friends. But if you think that you can’t do something, shut that voice. You don’t. You won’t. Love you will need. Pity you won’t. Someone telling you that they are doing a favour to you by being there. Get rid of them now. Yes now.

I know I sound too mature and my suggestions make you feel ‘easier said than done’ but what you chose now, will decide how my life turns out to be. And remember, no matter what, I LOVE YOU. Hold on. Things are not as screwed up as they seem right now.

God bless you.





  1. Very true.. We are scared to talk to our parents then but that’s the best thing we can do rather than talk to you ur friends who are just as knowledgeable as us. One more guilt is we feel we do not want to trouble our parents with our agony but what we fail to realise is if we tell them or if they get to know about the happenings at a later time, they end up being hurt more


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