Self help is the best help; tips to stay sane

When I tried to find synonyms of the word HELP, it turned out to be assistance, to lend a hand, and so on. Then I made a list of people who need my help or might need it in future. While I was about to wind up this task, I occurred to me that maybe a…… Continue reading Self help is the best help; tips to stay sane

Maternity fashion to dress that bump

(Originally Published At BabyOnBoard) Congratulations! You are experiencing a life altering phase of your life – Pregnancy. And nothing but the best is what you deserve. And not all the best comes at an exorbitant price. Clothes being one of them! Maternity wear doesn’t mean that you are forced to live in your pajamas and a sack-looking…… Continue reading Maternity fashion to dress that bump

Tamasha of a flawless body

Post pregnancy body IS flawless, was never taught to us by anyone. Women become less attractive to men. They attract a platoon of mother’s advising how to shed that weight soon. A mammoth of products are available to get rid of those stretch marks. Drinks to reduce that celluloid. Fad diets to melt that fat. …… Continue reading Tamasha of a flawless body