The girl with a scarf

Meera met Imaara on a group tour.Ironically both of them were on their respective Honeymoon’s. And surprisingly it was their first trip out of India. Meera was a Punjabi, and Imaara hailed from Hyderabad. Infact after a few conversations with her husband Meera came to know that Imaara married her husband Dr.Aslam through a matrimonial…… Continue reading The girl with a scarf

Forced marriages in the name of Honor

Often we get confused with the idea of freedom. Freedom to us means what our country attained in 1947, but have we ever wondered about those people who are still waiting for their 1947. A day of pomp and show, a holiday on 15th of August, some cribbing about a dry day and whoop !…… Continue reading Forced marriages in the name of Honor

A not so forced consent

​Rachna was Beyond marriageable age at 26. Her parents worried. Which they justified by the fact that now they were getting old and she needs to settle down. Nonetheless to say ,she managed the finances and the household with finesse. Both business and cooking were her cup of tea. Yet she was considered unsettled. She…… Continue reading A not so forced consent

Marriage : a licence to change

​Radhika was a happy soul. And she married Pranav for being the anchor to her hovering mind. He bought sense to her decisions. She bought fun to his life. She was callous. He was Mr. Perfect.But after a marriage and 2 kids between them, they were losing each other. All the conversations had become too…… Continue reading Marriage : a licence to change

Mistakes I would never repeat if I time travelled back to my wedding day

Lovlies I will cut it short. Those who are married I hope you didn’t make the mistakes I did. And the ones who are about to commit themselves to someone special , Please learn from the mistakes of your seniors.  Looking back in time, I wish for so many things I should have done differently…… Continue reading Mistakes I would never repeat if I time travelled back to my wedding day