The incompetent womb

Her story was very often told in a different light. I didn’t know Raavi, she was just a distant cousin’s wife. Well settled, good looking earning in dollars distant cousin. Someone whose mother in law brags a new bag at every family gathering. And that chocolate loaded fridge in her house had a new world…… Continue reading The incompetent womb

A letter to the teen ‘ME’

Dear Me, Hi, I know I will sound too preachy right now, but trust me I’m being my honest best. I know Things have been difficult, and you have no one to confide because you think everyone is too judgemental right now. Trust me they are not, specially your mom and dad. They might react…… Continue reading A letter to the teen ‘ME’

Forced marriages in the name of Honor

Often we get confused with the idea of freedom. Freedom to us means what our country attained in 1947, but have we ever wondered about those people who are still waiting for their 1947. A day of pomp and show, a holiday on 15th of August, some cribbing about a dry day and whoop !…… Continue reading Forced marriages in the name of Honor

My son is not my plan B

Very often in the conundrum around us we forget that the kids we have given birth to are not some ornamental plants which should be trimmed and watered according to our whims and fancies. The hobbies we couldn’t take up, the schools we couldn’t go to. The brand name colleges we didn’t make to, are…… Continue reading My son is not my plan B

Were our parents better parents

I have been trying to fight this question in my mind since 2014. Since I became a mother. Since my mother and mother in law and every other 80’s mom first told me, humne bhi toh bache paale hain( even we have raised kids). This has indeed been a burning topic of discussion between me…… Continue reading Were our parents better parents

A not so forced consent

​Rachna was Beyond marriageable age at 26. Her parents worried. Which they justified by the fact that now they were getting old and she needs to settle down. Nonetheless to say ,she managed the finances and the household with finesse. Both business and cooking were her cup of tea. Yet she was considered unsettled. She…… Continue reading A not so forced consent

From floss to finance

Things a woman of today needs,because a well planned today makes a happy tomorrow .   Good Habits Essential for Long Term Happiness Happiness, a simple word which is the essence of the entire human race. Whatever we do today, we do to make us happy in return. That’s not being selfish, that is in…… Continue reading From floss to finance