5 unusual gifts for dad’s this Father’s day

(Originally Published At BabyOnBoard) Brand dad is by far the most underrated commodity when it comes to life post kids. When mother bears all the pain and postpartum pressure. There is no denying in the fact that she enjoys all the gifts and pampering too. And cherry on the cake, the father gets ignored by…… Continue reading 5 unusual gifts for dad’s this Father’s day

My son is not my plan B

Very often in the conundrum around us we forget that the kids we have given birth to are not some ornamental plants which should be trimmed and watered according to our whims and fancies. The hobbies we couldn’t take up, the schools we couldn’t go to. The brand name colleges we didn’t make to, are…… Continue reading My son is not my plan B

How many kids complete a family?

A personal dilemma. Calling out for all the HELP! My dear son was born after three years of my marriage, he was a baby that came into this world by choice. Me and my husband planned him when we were dying to have the family started, though the extended family was sure there is something…… Continue reading How many kids complete a family?

Its already too late

​The biggest lie a society feeds us with is It is Already too Late.  The question is it? Is it ever too late. A woman in her 40’s wanting to have a child . A man in his 30’s wanting to take up his studies he left because of his family commitments. A business man wanting…… Continue reading Its already too late

Mother’s luxury to fall sick

​Come the monsoon showers and all the mothers take out their protective gear and take a pledge,come what may,my child won’t fall sick these monsoons,the rain God can’t play smart with me. Few rains down the line we realise the little one has cold, and there the mother India in us goes gagaga again,this is…… Continue reading Mother’s luxury to fall sick

Silent dad; tale of a not so expressive father

​I know about all the rejoice over birth of male child in our society. Manipulated , criticised, scrutinized it altogether too.. And as this male grows, I have also seen how we see him with the glasses of Ghar ka aur Ghar walon ka Chirag( only hope of family and home). Ofcouse the Females need…… Continue reading Silent dad; tale of a not so expressive father