A letter to the teen ‘ME’

Dear Me, Hi, I know I will sound too preachy right now, but trust me I’m being my honest best. I know Things have been difficult, and you have no one to confide because you think everyone is too judgemental right now. Trust me they are not, specially your mom and dad. They might react…… Continue reading A letter to the teen ‘ME’

What to pack in your postpartum kit

(Originally published on http://www.babyonboard.in) Giving birth to a baby, is a birth for a mother too. And most often while packing a bag to the hospital for delivery, our concern is totally about what the baby would need. Be it clothes, creams, oil, comb, soft towel, diapers so on and so forth. But, we often…… Continue reading What to pack in your postpartum kit

Self help is the best help; tips to stay sane

When I tried to find synonyms of the word HELP, it turned out to be assistance, to lend a hand, and so on. Then I made a list of people who need my help or might need it in future. While I was about to wind up this task, I occurred to me that maybe a…… Continue reading Self help is the best help; tips to stay sane

5 tips for a gorgeous skin post delivery

( original posted on http://www.buddingstar.com) The hormones play a havoc in every new moms system post delivery. And this inevitably shows on the skin. We seem to age faster and the sad part is going to the parlor and finding time for expensive treatment is not everyone’s cup of tea. Then where is the respite.…… Continue reading 5 tips for a gorgeous skin post delivery

Tamasha of a flawless body

Post pregnancy body IS flawless, was never taught to us by anyone. Women become less attractive to men. They attract a platoon of mother’s advising how to shed that weight soon. A mammoth of products are available to get rid of those stretch marks. Drinks to reduce that celluloid. Fad diets to melt that fat. …… Continue reading Tamasha of a flawless body

After happily ever After

​Rashmi didn’t even realise how these past three years just flew in front of her eyes. It seems like it was just yesterday when she met Rohit,it was more like infatuation at first sight, he was handsome,popular,almost any girl could have fallen for him,so Rashmi was no exception. And for Rohit it was lust at…… Continue reading After happily ever After