His Half Girlfriend

Kavita knew it isn't right. Even if Kavir was the right man for her, it would never work. In her 12 years of marriage and 14 years as a lecturer in that college, she knew the difference between a fling or a serious relationship. And her relationship no matter how serious would always be called… Continue reading His Half Girlfriend


How many kids complete a family?

A personal dilemma. Calling out for all the HELP! My dear son was born after three years of my marriage, he was a baby that came into this world by choice. Me and my husband planned him when we were dying to have the family started, though the extended family was sure there is something…… Continue reading How many kids complete a family?

From floss to finance

Things a woman of today needs,because a well planned today makes a happy tomorrow .   Good Habits Essential for Long Term Happiness Happiness, a simple word which is the essence of the entire human race. Whatever we do today, we do to make us happy in return. That’s not being selfish, that is in…… Continue reading From floss to finance

Its already too late

​The biggest lie a society feeds us with is It is Already too Late.  The question is it? Is it ever too late. A woman in her 40’s wanting to have a child . A man in his 30’s wanting to take up his studies he left because of his family commitments. A business man wanting…… Continue reading Its already too late

Dear life,all I need is a hot cup of tea

​Chai is a staple each morning in every household. Be it the dhaba style chai of North India or filter coffee in the South. The purpose is the same. To make you rise and shine. To give you that caffeine kick in the morning. Specially to the mothers, charging them to get up and get…… Continue reading Dear life,all I need is a hot cup of tea

To the mom who had a c-section: you are not a failure

​Disclaimer: the contents of the story are all true and prevalent in our very own society. Till date even in the most educated sector a mother going in for elective c sec is looked down upon as some kind of a zombie trying to escape the pain, tagged as an incompetent mother, where as the…… Continue reading To the mom who had a c-section: you are not a failure

A letter to Dear husband

​Dear Husband Today the day didn’t begin as usual,my syntax could feel the pressure of not being disturbed by your immaculately timed breaths. The baby got up all calm and quiet wondering why is mama lying on Papa’s side of the bed. The missing tooth brush on the stand made me miss you,the wet towel…… Continue reading A letter to Dear husband