A letter to the teen ‘ME’

Dear Me, Hi, I know I will sound too preachy right now, but trust me I’m being my honest best. I know Things have been difficult, and you have no one to confide because you think everyone is too judgemental right now. Trust me they are not, specially your mom and dad. They might react…… Continue reading A letter to the teen ‘ME’

Types of moms,who baffle my mind

The question is, What am I doing? The problems with motherhood is that your brains computer is constantly comparing you as a person in flesh and blood to those other moms. And the comparison may sound completely absurd to others, in your own ears it makes all the sense in the world. In my three…… Continue reading Types of moms,who baffle my mind

Bad hair days? No more moms

( originally published on http://www.babyonboard.in) Hair is certainly one of the prettiest features of a woman. But, after child birth hair suddenly starts falling at an alarming rate. Baby care keeps you so busy that your hair care goes for a toss. No, you need not worry much as it is a temporary phase, and…… Continue reading Bad hair days? No more moms

What to pack in your postpartum kit

(Originally published on http://www.babyonboard.in) Giving birth to a baby, is a birth for a mother too. And most often while packing a bag to the hospital for delivery, our concern is totally about what the baby would need. Be it clothes, creams, oil, comb, soft towel, diapers so on and so forth. But, we often…… Continue reading What to pack in your postpartum kit

Forced marriages in the name of Honor

Often we get confused with the idea of freedom. Freedom to us means what our country attained in 1947, but have we ever wondered about those people who are still waiting for their 1947. A day of pomp and show, a holiday on 15th of August, some cribbing about a dry day and whoop !…… Continue reading Forced marriages in the name of Honor

Maternity fashion to dress that bump

(Originally Published At BabyOnBoard) Congratulations! You are experiencing a life altering phase of your life – Pregnancy. And nothing but the best is what you deserve. And not all the best comes at an exorbitant price. Clothes being one of them! Maternity wear doesn’t mean that you are forced to live in your pajamas and a sack-looking…… Continue reading Maternity fashion to dress that bump

When a mother talks

Past few months had been stressful for Payal. Not the physical or financial kind of stress, but this was more like, ‘out of place stress’. She now felt out of place and out of topics all the time. Once chirpy and full of life, now this new Payal had started mincing and minding her words.…… Continue reading When a mother talks