The incompetent womb

Her story was very often told in a different light. I didn’t know Raavi, she was just a distant cousin’s wife. Well settled, good looking earning in dollars distant cousin. Someone whose mother in law brags a new bag at every family gathering. And that chocolate loaded fridge in her house had a new world…… Continue reading The incompetent womb

The girl with a scarf

Meera met Imaara on a group tour.Ironically both of them were on their respective Honeymoon’s. And surprisingly it was their first trip out of India. Meera was a Punjabi, and Imaara hailed from Hyderabad. Infact after a few conversations with her husband Meera came to know that Imaara married her husband Dr.Aslam through a matrimonial…… Continue reading The girl with a scarf

What to pack in your postpartum kit

(Originally published on Giving birth to a baby, is a birth for a mother too. And most often while packing a bag to the hospital for delivery, our concern is totally about what the baby would need. Be it clothes, creams, oil, comb, soft towel, diapers so on and so forth. But, we often…… Continue reading What to pack in your postpartum kit

Self help is the best help; tips to stay sane

When I tried to find synonyms of the word HELP, it turned out to be assistance, to lend a hand, and so on. Then I made a list of people who need my help or might need it in future. While I was about to wind up this task, I occurred to me that maybe a…… Continue reading Self help is the best help; tips to stay sane

Maternity fashion to dress that bump

(Originally Published At BabyOnBoard) Congratulations! You are experiencing a life altering phase of your life – Pregnancy. And nothing but the best is what you deserve. And not all the best comes at an exorbitant price. Clothes being one of them! Maternity wear doesn’t mean that you are forced to live in your pajamas and a sack-looking…… Continue reading Maternity fashion to dress that bump

Moms, Go organic !

(Originally Published At BabyOnBoard) Are you the eco-friendly mama who wants to lead a healthier lifestyle with the use of Organic products? But, confused among a host of these products, all claiming to be the best. Right? Well, let me help you discover the organic products that you didn’t know how you lived without.  Choosing…… Continue reading Moms, Go organic !