Much deserved Indulgences for a Stressed mom

( originally posted on Let’s face it! Its given that the vast majority of parenting falls on Moms. Apart from just child care, other household chores pile up with the onset of motherhood – be it endless loads of laundry, meal prep or emotional labor that child rearing brings along with it. It becomes vital…… Continue reading Much deserved Indulgences for a Stressed mom

Moms, Go organic !

(Originally Published At BabyOnBoard) Are you the eco-friendly mama who wants to lead a healthier lifestyle with the use of Organic products? But, confused among a host of these products, all claiming to be the best. Right? Well, let me help you discover the organic products that you didn’t know how you lived without.  Choosing…… Continue reading Moms, Go organic !

The path she didn’t take [poem]

How often the muse of her life betrayed the sun in her eyes, The starry soul with moonlit eyes bid goodbye to the dreams that were chaste. How often did her heart and mind refused to be one with this world,  The child in her who denied to grow left in the world unchaperoned. How…… Continue reading The path she didn’t take [poem]

My Piece/Peace

​Piece by piece, I found that peace whose meaning varied in there dictionary. Piece by piece I weaved that peace, thought it was my victory. For some it was a conquest, for some a routine thing, For me it became my heart and soul , thought that’s all I have to give. They warned me…… Continue reading My Piece/Peace