Easy, Baby friendly, and nutritious recipes 

( content edited from authors blog and published on http://www.babyonboard.in) Food becomes more of an agenda and a task for mothers when their kids jump from breastfeeding to solids. And the question of what is best for a child is like a chisel. Solid, semi solid, liquid. Thick liquid, flowy liquid, what should I make?…… Continue reading Easy, Baby friendly, and nutritious recipes 

My son is not my plan B

Very often in the conundrum around us we forget that the kids we have given birth to are not some ornamental plants which should be trimmed and watered according to our whims and fancies. The hobbies we couldn’t take up, the schools we couldn’t go to. The brand name colleges we didn’t make to, are…… Continue reading My son is not my plan B

Dear life,all I need is a hot cup of tea

​Chai is a staple each morning in every household. Be it the dhaba style chai of North India or filter coffee in the South. The purpose is the same. To make you rise and shine. To give you that caffeine kick in the morning. Specially to the mothers, charging them to get up and get…… Continue reading Dear life,all I need is a hot cup of tea

Mother’s luxury to fall sick

​Come the monsoon showers and all the mothers take out their protective gear and take a pledge,come what may,my child won’t fall sick these monsoons,the rain God can’t play smart with me. Few rains down the line we realise the little one has cold, and there the mother India in us goes gagaga again,this is…… Continue reading Mother’s luxury to fall sick

Life with a Stalker

​I have been a woman who has always been lucky to have people around her who respect her space. Be it my parents , my friends, my husband. Everything was going smoothly. And then there was a sudden change of events. It became ugly. Ugly to the tinniest of details. Smallest of activity . I…… Continue reading Life with a Stalker

You aren’t safe my Son

​Life is so unpredictable ,things we think can never happen to us, or hope should never happen to us. May be our neighbour or even some relative but surely not us. Oh! The sadist us. How conveniently this Society ,our family and our negligence let’s us believe ki beta hai toh kya tension hai, safety…… Continue reading You aren’t safe my Son

Tips to deal with preschoolers separation anxiety

​When my 1 year 10 month old baby began with his playway school little did I know that my worst nightmare will take shape then and there. My all so gullible, socially extrovert son soon turned into a mumas boy. He refused to let me drop him off without the customary clinking and crying. And…… Continue reading Tips to deal with preschoolers separation anxiety