The incompetent womb

Her story was very often told in a different light. I didn’t know Raavi, she was just a distant cousin’s wife. Well settled, good looking earning in dollars distant cousin. Someone whose mother in law brags a new bag at every family gathering. And that chocolate loaded fridge in her house had a new world…… Continue reading The incompetent womb

Yes I taught my child to name his private parts

Shreya a mother of a 3 year old consciously taught her son to name his body parts correctly. To be more precise, all his parts correctly, even his private parts. What other option did she have. Those news channels now resembled the episodes of crime patrol on juvenile crimes. Reasons could be many, some said…… Continue reading Yes I taught my child to name his private parts

A letter to the teen ‘ME’

Dear Me, Hi, I know I will sound too preachy right now, but trust me I’m being my honest best. I know Things have been difficult, and you have no one to confide because you think everyone is too judgemental right now. Trust me they are not, specially your mom and dad. They might react…… Continue reading A letter to the teen ‘ME’

The girl with a scarf

Meera met Imaara on a group tour.Ironically both of them were on their respective Honeymoon’s. And surprisingly it was their first trip out of India. Meera was a Punjabi, and Imaara hailed from Hyderabad. Infact after a few conversations with her husband Meera came to know that Imaara married her husband Dr.Aslam through a matrimonial…… Continue reading The girl with a scarf

Types of moms,who baffle my mind

The question is, What am I doing? The problems with motherhood is that your brains computer is constantly comparing you as a person in flesh and blood to those other moms. And the comparison may sound completely absurd to others, in your own ears it makes all the sense in the world. In my three…… Continue reading Types of moms,who baffle my mind

Sometimes Stellar Storyteller Six Word Story Challenge

Originally posted on Sometimes Stellar Storyteller:
Challenge open Saturday 22nd July 2017 – Thursday 27th July 2017 Welcome to the Sometimes Stellar Storyteller Six Word Story Challenge. For those who have never dropped by before a new prompt is posted every Saturday morning at 9am GMT. Today’s prompt is: Secret My attempt at today’s prompt is:…

Easy, Baby friendly, and nutritious recipes 

( content edited from authors blog and published on Food becomes more of an agenda and a task for mothers when their kids jump from breastfeeding to solids. And the question of what is best for a child is like a chisel. Solid, semi solid, liquid. Thick liquid, flowy liquid, what should I make?…… Continue reading Easy, Baby friendly, and nutritious recipes