After happily ever After

​Rashmi didn’t even realise how these past three years just flew in front of her eyes. It seems like it was just yesterday when she met Rohit,it was more like infatuation at first sight, he was handsome,popular,almost any girl could have fallen for him,so Rashmi was no exception. And for Rohit it was lust at…… Continue reading After happily ever After

Life with a Stalker

​I have been a woman who has always been lucky to have people around her who respect her space. Be it my parents , my friends, my husband. Everything was going smoothly. And then there was a sudden change of events. It became ugly. Ugly to the tinniest of details. Smallest of activity . I…… Continue reading Life with a Stalker

You aren’t safe my Son

​Life is so unpredictable ,things we think can never happen to us, or hope should never happen to us. May be our neighbour or even some relative but surely not us. Oh! The sadist us. How conveniently this Society ,our family and our negligence let’s us believe ki beta hai toh kya tension hai, safety…… Continue reading You aren’t safe my Son

Tips to deal with preschoolers separation anxiety

​When my 1 year 10 month old baby began with his playway school little did I know that my worst nightmare will take shape then and there. My all so gullible, socially extrovert son soon turned into a mumas boy. He refused to let me drop him off without the customary clinking and crying. And…… Continue reading Tips to deal with preschoolers separation anxiety

Silent dad; tale of a not so expressive father

​I know about all the rejoice over birth of male child in our society. Manipulated , criticised, scrutinized it altogether too.. And as this male grows, I have also seen how we see him with the glasses of Ghar ka aur Ghar walon ka Chirag( only hope of family and home). Ofcouse the Females need…… Continue reading Silent dad; tale of a not so expressive father

When I was put in a museum

​// this post was selected as the best parenting article for july2016 by and won me a kindle. Happy reading// At times I could see my life as a bystander, as if I remained there and the life my original self was living was rolling in front of my eyes like a reel.  See…… Continue reading When I was put in a museum

1000 Days of Being a MUM

 THE BEGINNING OF A SAGA:      MOTHERHOOD          My two day old son with his dad It’s said ,count your blessings, mine began almost 1000 days back. 1000 days of motherhood, totally counted on fingers. From the day i got to know there is a tiny little being in me , till the day my…… Continue reading 1000 Days of Being a MUM